Received: December 12, 2017

IMG_8052Still using my water filter…for everything, including bathing my one-year-old grandniece. I don’t want to bathe her with the harsh and smelly municipal water, just saying😊. So far this week we’ve had 5-1/2 days of water service including today, heavy odor of chlorine and a little milky looking; I always filter my water before using it. Also, I stock up on filtered water (12 gallons) at all times just in case we stop getting water…their reason: ‘pipes get broken.’

The need is still great on our island, more so to those who have been forgotten because they are not as visible as we are in larger areas and closer to municipal “eyes” and make a louder noise.

Many are still without the necessary ‘survival items’: i.e., clean drinking water, food, a roof over their heads, medical attention; and have gone without some since Hurricane Irma. These communities in the mountains are inhabited by mostly the elderly and families with young children that live below poverty lines, they exist on mainly what they grow, but now they have NOTHING.

l live in one of the few ‘barrios’ (small neighborhoods) that have water of any kind;(no power yet, but that too will be available to us eventually.) I pray every day for the day that relief reaches them, especially potable water to drink and food to eat. The need is still great on our island, more so to those that seem forgotten because they’re not as ‘visible’ as we are in ‘towns’ or ‘barrios.’ What’s that old saying?…’out of sight, out of mind?’ Not anymore, a group of individuals from my barrio have banded together to try and bring them some relief!

YAY! But we will need to bring them water filters. If you are reading this, we need your help with this quest.

A much heartfelt ‘Thank you’ to the many donors to ‘’ and for First Presbyterian Church of Bonita Springs for their partnership. I am grateful for the clean, bacteria and chlorine free water you enable me to have. I treasure it and am sending blessings to all who have donated this wonderful life-saving gift of water filters.

Please continue to support ‘’ so that you can save more lives: You are life savers!
Alida Pagan