We are a group of friends and acquaintances of current and recent residents of Puerto Rico, each with a big chunk of our hearts still there. It wasn’t uncommon to go a week without power and or water, and in a result, we learned to survive, yet the humanitarian conditions after the arrival of Hurricane Maria is an entirely different situation. Our family, in conjunction with Chris and Mary Martin, have come together with Brad and Amy McFarland, educators and former Peace Corps volunteers; raising funds, sending, and distributing much-needed water filters to the people of Puerto Rico. Our hope is not to patch the problem but fix a broken system providing safe, clean drinking water for a lifetime. We are not handing out bottles of water, but giving the people of Puerto Rico the tools they need to have clean water regardless of circumstances. Connecting with churches and organizations continuing to expand our outreach. Currently providing water filters to individual homes. However, we plan on opening “water kitchens” in local churches to help serve communities on a broader scale. Please join us!

What We Do:  Our mission is to provide a sustainable, safe, clean, drinking water solution for families in Puerto Rico. Our mission outreach includes water education, filter installation and care, and training others to expand the delivery of water filters throughout the island.

Why:  Since Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico water resources on the island, have gone from non-existent for the first two months to limited in some areas, while others communities still lack running water. Those with running water are reporting foul odor, excessive bleach smell, and or discoloration. Due to the unreliable and weak infrastructure, pressure fluctuations and still frequent water outages customers fortunate enough to have access to public water are instructed to boil all water. This activity is costly and time-consuming if you do have electricity; it is all but impossible without power. While the resiliency of the Puerto Rico people is high, the health risk associated with consuming contaminated water is even more significant.

Our Solution:  We have chosen a water filtration technology that has been in existence since the early 1800’s. Missionaries living in extreme conditions used ceramic filters similar to the type we are sending to the island. Puerto Rico post-Maria mirrored the environment faced by the missionaries. This system is simple, easy to install, and with basic care not requiring special skills or access to special tools or chemicals can be used over and over again.

Need:  We are contacted daily by individuals, churches, and relief organization asking for us to provide them with water filters. At this time the need far exceeds our financial resources. We have a commitment from the US manufacturer, who are supporting our efforts, and who is continuing production for us at a cost far below wholesale allowing us to maximize every dollar we raise, 100% of which goes to the purchase of the filter and delivery to the island. To date, all our shipping to Puerto Rico has been free except for two orders.


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