On this page, you will find stories and videos that have made headlines regarding water in Puerto Rico. Also, sprinkled in will be News coverage Water Filters for Puerto Rico has received as we continue our work to provide a sustainable water solution for families in Puerto Rico.

Threats on Tap: Drinking Water Violations in Puerto Rico

11/17/17    Puerto Rico’s water ‘possibly the most contaminated’ in US

11/16/17  Reading By Candleing, Boiling Water: Puerto Rico Struggles to Recover

11/08/17  Former Chargin High School Student is Making a Difference in Puerto Rico

11/08/17    Thousand in Puerto Rico still have no running water. That’s making people sick.

11/06/17  60 Minutes: 46 Days

11/4/17   ¡Ayúdanos a prevenir más muertes por #Leptospirosis! COMPARTE EL VÍDEO

10/12/17 Finding Water in Puerto Rico: An Endless Game of Cat and Mouse

10/09/17   The Water in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

10/06/17 Puerto Ricans Band Together After Receiving Little Help From Goverment

1/11/2018 Update on Mansfield Students Volunteering in Puerto Rico