English Translation Text Below Video.

Greetings, this is Carmen for WF4PR with an interview to Pastor Duvalier in Barrio Ingenio, Yabucoa.

Yes, greetings, we have been here many months after María, we are suffering the consecuences as all of P.R. but with a peculiar singularity that we still lack power, water is intermitent and this is a high poverty level community, but rich in goodwill. It is a loving community who always opens its doors for us to deliver aid. We thank this entity that has come to give us a hand at this moment, but we do ask that you join us in prayer so that we can be restored and rise. We have a lot of faith that our community and PR will rise from this crisis we all have had to live. But at this moment the situation that we have is that we do not have electric power the same as other communities such as Jácanas, Limones, Martorell, Tejas and this community, Ingenio; and the water service is intermittent and ocassionally turbid because of the high contamination level, thus we have gladly received this aid and the filters that are being installed.
Additionally, we want you to join us in prayer and if in any manner we, as a community of Faith, can give you a hand, please let us know also. May the Lord bless you.

-Thanks Pastor Duvalier for having us here in community Ingenio.
Pastor Duvalier is the pastor of Iglesia Pentecostal M.I. of Barrio Ingenio, Yabucoa and with great joy we have visited from Isabela with Love. God Bless

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