June 1st, marks the beginning of hurricane season, nearly 8 months since Maria made landfall in Yabucoa. Our team recently traveled to serve this community that still remains without electric power today. Water service is intermittent producing poor water quality.



We were told the water is turbid and has sediment, thus not used for consumption. Our mission, Barrio Ingenio is a low-income community of approximately 160 residence. The demographic composed of elders and many children.



Armed with water filters, including the double bucket systems prepared with the generous donations from the Fogelman family; and personal hygiene products, clothing, blankets for the bedridden, solar lamps, stuffed toys with small flashlights attached for the children and batteries donated by a local church ministry, Carmen’s brother, parents, and 8-year-old niece. Our team was ready!

img_9421Our distribution event took us from the Northwestern region of Puerto Rico to the Southeastern region. With our van loaded with supplies, some rain along the way after three hours we arrived in Barrio Ingenio, Yabuccoa.img_9422







Pastor Duvalier, his wife Irma, and community leader Milagros, Pastor Duvalier, and our volunteer Moises.



Alida, Pastor Duvalier and our volunteer Moises and Carmen briefing everyone on how the filters work. Some recipients of our installations at Iglesia Pentecostal M.I. img_9365


Pastor Duvalier, his wife Irma and their church members.


Alida preparing filter systems for home delivery. Community lead Milagros, accompanied us to every special needs residence.


We were able to deliver six water filters systems, personal hygiene items, and blankets to families with special circumstances. The church, Iglesia Pentecostal M.I. del Barrio Ingenio, Yabucoa had delivered breakfast, and a rose to each of lady. Our first stop.






Torn houses and blue tarps were a frequent sight in this community.


Our next stop was to visit Dona Blanca. She brought tears to Carmen’s eyes with her sweet remarks and her “arropame” (throw the blanked over me).img_9400 Angela do come in many shapes. Milagros is proof of that!


As we headed toward Dona Juanita home.


Heading back we decided to take the Southern route, an hour longer, however we wanted to see how the rest of the island was doing.



More destruction, blue tarps, and to our surprise a dinosaur. A good vehicle and drive is a MUST!


We even encounter the underground water source.img_9414A sign of new hope…Banana Plantation. It’s survival will depend on what this new hurricane season brings.img_9415It as been a long journey, a brief stop in Salinas before finish our drive home.img_9416

Back on the road only to discover a dairy farm that was destroyed by hurricane Maria.img_9417Thank you following us on this journey around the island of Puerto Rico. Our work is not done, the need is still great.




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