Sometimes our roots are stronger then we think, and sometimes His call is even greater. For Marshall Diaz, we were glad he listened. He not only gave his time, talent, and resources; but his heart for an island that housed a bit of his soul.

He reached out to us in January, his family, now residing¬† in Washington State, would remain home as Marshall made his pilgrimage back to Puerto Rico. He arrived in Puerto Rico on March 10, 2018, and before leaving the island on April 7th. He had assisted with four distribution events, drilled more buckets then we could keep track of and scoured the island for the buckets he (and his wife) would personally donate. When he wasn’t knee deep in our water filter activities, he assisted with repairing an iron gate for a friend and painted the exterior of his Aunt’s home.

A true angel in action. Thank you, Marshall!



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