As our team delivers filters across the island, it is remarkable to see how resilient and strong the people are. Whether living in small ‘barrios’ or in the rural mountaintops, we are forever bonded by the trials the past year has put upon us. Your donations have provided us the means to educated and ease the trials of those scattered across the island. In turn, the gracious recipients of our water filters, send us with blessing and prayers as we continue to help their communities.

img_9182Alida had the opportunity to see a community banding together, when she visited Iglesia Presbiteriana in Barrio Calero, Aguadilla. After visiting our website and seeing our work across the island, Ms. Yadira contacted us. She asked us to help their congregation and community obtain “drinkable water.” The church community has seen a decrease in membership post-hurricane Maria. Many families in the community had to relocate stateside to survive the severe conditions.

img_9184Yadira continues to update many state-side families on the conditions in the area. She informed our team of the water concerns within Isabela almost eight months following Hurricane Maria. Such as smell and taste, water pressure, intermittent service, and mandated rationing. Despite this, former residents are considering returning home; seeing as it is a vast improvement from just a few months ago. Fortunately, there are more improvements to come within city limits, but the struggles are still very real for many mountainside residents.

Thank you, Yadira and Pastor Gerardo Lopez Vigo for inviting ‘Water Filters for Puerto Rico’ to speak with and supply your community with filters.  It was our indeed pleasure.

In the future, if you would like our team to educate your community. Contact us and get the word out, so we can raise the funds needed to do what we do.




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