A Mission of Mercy, supplying approximately 85 people with special needs with sustainable water.


In late February, the Municipality Office of Isabela, that oversees a group of special volunteers, contacted Carmen regarding channeling aid to people with special needs in Bejucos, Isabela.  The population they serve is comprised of wheelchair-bound and bedridden patients, as well as the elderly and infirmed with no family to care for them.  There are approximately 85 such cases.

img_9129We made contact in March with Maribel, the coordinator of volunteer caregivers to work out the logistics. Some family members were unable to take time off to purchase food-safe white buckets, while others couldn’t find such buckets. Maribel contacted me regarding this problem.  I discussed the issues with Marshall, his solution was to purchased 40 buckets and 40 tops himself as a donation using his VA discount to start the wheels rolling. I said ‘Let’s do it.”  These 40 buckets became 20 – two buckets filtration systems with filter and water spigots.

Maribel suggested Thursday, March 22 because it was an island holiday: ‘Abolition of Slavery in Puerto Rico.’  Most government offices and private businesses celebrate the holiday by giving employees the day off.  It was perfect.

First Event:  Thursday, March 22, 2018; 3:00pm-5:00pm

img_9133We had all the buckets and tops, Marshall pre-drilled all the appropriate holes so that when we got to the event site, we would be ready to install filters and spigots. I gave them a short ‘charla’ (talk), and then Marshall went to work assembling the buckets.  Twenty volunteers and caregivers received the systems and 2 people who brought their required buckets and tops, (we always bring extra filters, spigots, and our drills just in case more people attend than expected).  Maribel and another volunteer took note of all who attended and the name of their charges for their record).  After the event, Maribel and Yvonne filled me in about the kind of work they do for their clients, I saw pictures, heard names and learned how these clients live and the how they felt with their volunteer caretakers.  I was glad to know that they would be getting ‘drinkable’ water from that point on.




(L-R) Yvonne, Alida, Maribel, and Marshall

Thank you, Maribel, Yvonne and your wonderful group of volunteers in Isabel for the mission of love. You are the ‘Angels’ that walk among us, giving comfort, aid, and love to the countless elderly and disabled in need. It was my distinct honor and pleasure to finally meet you on Thursday when you invited ‘Water filters for PR’ to help provide sustainable water to the community you so much love and serve. The services you provide are priceless, enduring and needless to say, ‘heaven sent.’ Again, thank you for inviting Water Filters for Puerto Rico to assist with your mission. We will return again, until then.


God’s Blessings to all your volunteers and the people you serve!

Alida and Marshall
Visit waterfiltersforpr@ http://christophersoak.org




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