March 18, 2018:

Pastor Carlos Vegas invited Water Filters for Puerto Rico to his church, Iglesia Cristiana Nueva Unicon, in San Antonio, Aguadilla. To give his congregation a talk on water safety, filter distribution, and care, and to share sustainable water solutions.

When we arrived Pastor Vega informed us they had lost electricity earlier that day, but continued with their service nonetheless and waited for us.  He asked, “Are you willing to proceed with our presentation.” They were willing to locate a generator to provide us with electricity.  We told them we would stay and assured them they do not need to find a generator, our drills are battery-powered and if his congregation is willing to stay so are we.img_9108

As we assembled our gear, set up our model 2-bucket system, organized our filters and water spigots for our presentation; lone behold, electrical power was restored!  Everyone was happy because that meant – the air conditioner would be working, the sound system, microphone, and lights would all be working, and so the presentation would proceed in a nice cool and well-lit room.

I would later learn that blackouts and loss of water are a constant reminder that in some areas of Isabela these systems are weaker than in others and to add ‘insult to injury,’ mandatory water rationing makes these living conditions a standard way of life…a lot more difficult for many post-Hurricane Maria.

img_6205On this trip, We were joined by my (Alida’s) nephew Marshall, who flew in from Washington State earlier in the month to assist me with the filters and a blessing in disguise, as all our regular volunteers were not able to join me at this event.  I also had the pleasure of having my brother-in-law, Charlie joins us…making this event truly a ‘family affair.’

Our mission continues…

Please help us continue to provide sustainable water to the almost hundreds of thousands plus people still suffering from lack of potable water by donating to

Thank you,

Alida, Marshall, and Charlie

P.S.: Carmen, Hector, Jenny, and Digna…you are all greatly missed.

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