Our first trip to the mountain community of Cuchillas, Moca on February 24th was shortened due to heavy rains, but not before we managed to install several filters between the spotty showers. The rain quickly turned to a rainstorm and it was no longer safe for us to continue.  I turned to Carmen and made a promised that we would return the following Saturday; weather permitting. Unfortunately, that wasn’t possible; again another setback that was March 3rd.

However, I was not giving up.  I’m not a quitter.  I had a date with the residents of that mountain to install filters.  I scheduled another trip for the following Saturday, March 10th…this time I learned that Carmen would not be available to accompany me, she was needed stateside, and it got worse… none of the other people that generally accompany us were unavailable to make that trip.  I contacted Hector, our driver on Thursday of our upcoming trip to explain the situation. He said, “I will go if I want to proceed with the trip.” I prayed for a while, I was still worried about the residents of that mountain without sustainable water. I called Hector on Friday to meet up at our usual place the next morning at 8 a.m.

IMG_9068Saturday morning the sun was out, not a cloud in the sky, no mention of rain in the forecast. We headed out to the top of Cuchillas (in Spanish: El Tercer Piso), Moca.  We talked for a while and worked out a plan.  That day Hector wore a few hats: Driver, Guide, Installer, and my Cheering squad!  My prayer was answered!

IMG_9077I knew this was going to be a long and difficult trip, but I felt confident that Hector and I would manage.  And we did. It took us almost four hours of non-stop talking, explaining how the filters help to provide drinking and cooking water;  drilling and installing double bucket water filter systems to 21 families in that mountain community.  I was glad that I had purchased ten buckets to use just in case people didn’t have a bucket…as often is the fact, we used every single bucket to upgrade their single water filtration to the double bucket system with the water spigot. It was a hit!  Everyone was happy! Hector and I were thrilled!

Hector was awesome, a one-man drilling machine, who also became my photographer.  This trip I dedicate to Hector. He believed we could do it, just the two of us on a mission.

Our mission continues…

Please help us continue to provide sustainable water to the almost hundreds of thousand plus people still suffering from lack of potable water by donating to waterfiltersforpr.com

Thank you,

Alida Pagan and Hector


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