Hogar de Ancianos Candido Crispin Jorge, a senior retirement home in Isabela, Puerto Rico received a much-welcomed visit for our “Water Angels.” They were not only there to serve the residents, but the 65 employees, accounting for all three shifts, which help care for the patients around the clock. This retirement home is one of the few left on the island that is administered by a Municipality, with an approximately 88% of the residents receiving free care, thus highly dependent on private donations.

Alida attended to the specific details and needs of the facility serving one of Puerto Rico’s most img_8877fragile populations. Leaving behind four double bucket systems to be used solely by their kitchen staff to prepare patients’ meals and snacks. Three single bucket filters placed on top of water coolers in each recreation area for patients and staff. One of those will be solely used to dispense water for patients taking oral medication. Each employee had the opportunity to receive a water filter for their family to meet the water needs in img_8864-1their home.

Caring for this entire community was made possible by your gracious donations, and our “Water Angels,” who personally donated the buckets. Although the US News focus has shifted away from Puerto Rico, the critical unmet need for those most vulnerable is still great. Our team’s goal is to find those individuals and serve them, on February 27, 2018, they did just that!

With your continued support, we will be able to fulfill our mission of serving those with the most critical need, those still without power and potable water, and those with few resources.  Please share our story and donation link.

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