Carmen Carrero recalls the trip to Lares on Saturday, February 3rd.

We headed from Aguadilla/Isabela to a very special place in Palmarllano, Lares; Iglesia Pentecostal Revelación Divina, Inc.

What makes this place special?

Volunteers (L to R): Digna, Jenny, Pastor Efrain, Hilda, Carmen, and Alida with Pastor Alejandra.

Pastor Aquiles Girau, had installed a 5,000-gallon tank to collect rainwater. Approx. Seven years after his passing, his widow and now Pastor, Alejandra, used the tank as her deceased husband once imagined. After H. María her family, church members, and the community used the rainwater collected in the tank to tend their needs. Piping was installed from the tank to a faucet near the house to facilitate water dispensing. Being the only water available after the event, some families boiled it to cook with.

When we visited Pastor Alejandra on December 7th, 2017 she asked us to please help with getting filters to their area. Two months later, thanks to Water Filters for Puerto Rico, she saw an answer to her prayer. Located in the mountains of Lares, with the rainwater collected on the church premises at their disposition, the filters distributed have empowered this community.



This young lady to the left was keen enough to go out, purchase another bucket, and get her system upgraded!

IMG_8692            They treated us so well!


Mother of three disabled children.


After the event, we made three home deliveries to families with disabled children. The first stop was to a women with three disabled children. (right)

An our little Angel, Karla. Her mother, Miriam, authorized us to take photos with her baby, who will be attached to equipment; for as long as she lives. Solely for our private use and allowed us to share her grateful hug of thanks with you.


 We even blessed another two families on our way out. Not many photos of Hector, the driver, and a driller because he is camera shy. But we are blessed to have him as our driver for he is also a mechanic, added peace of mind while on the road.img_8702.jpg

Here we are waiting as Hector, Efrain, and Alida do their magic.


We made a stop at Salto Collazo to relax a little with nature’s lullaby.



(We love our glamour girls…trecking the mountains delivering your donated water filters!)


And as a last minute decision, we detoured to see Guajataca Dam. The water reservoir that serves five municipalities in our Western Region.

 This is the speedway collapsed and is undergoing repair.IMG_8709



The lake is artificially drained to prevent further damage and facilitate repair work. The water is pumped into the irrigation system that feeds the water filtering station in Isabela.img_8710.jpg


But the downside to the low water levels is the water rationing.IMG_8713

And to end our journey, when I get home to Isabela, my mother greets me with the news that “se fue el agua,” in other words, our water service had been interrupted!

So glad the next morning we had the water service again! —Carmen Carrero

Salto Collazo



2 thoughts

    1. Our team will be going back Pezuela, Lares on February 10th. They made two attempts to reach there, however due to mudslides had to turn back. We are praying for a successful mission on Saturday.


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