5Water heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Our latest arrived in the beautiful hat! We were contacted my Carmen Carrero through our Facebook page requesting help…Capture Carmen

We quickly made contact via email, that was all it took for Carmen to spring into action! The following day she met with Amy at the Ramey Makeshift Market. Trained-up and filters in hand she was ready! Going as far as, crafting her own sign. IMG_8543

The past two Saturday’s her small team from Iglesias de Dios Defensores de la Verdad in Isabela, Puerto Rico made the two-hour drive to La Cuesta sector of Bartolo borough in the Municipality of Lares.

IMG_8542They delivered personal hygiene products, which Carmen quickly found a use for our discarded water filter boxes, creating personal-size packages! They also delivered flashlights, batteries, bottled water, and snacks donated by churches and the Administration of the Municipality of Isabela.

This young woman below has a son, which we don’t show out of respect. He explained how the rainwater collects in the blue drums to meet his needs. They now have a water filter. Carmen and her team were able to provide water filters to households still lacking potable water, some since Hurricane Irma, and many like this women, depending on rainwater for their needs. 

rain to filterrain water

These filters make a world of a difference! Thank you for making it possible! And thank you, Carmen, for making a difference for this community in Lares!!

Capture Carmen 2





4 thoughts

  1. Thank You Alexa!
    The combined efforts of Water Filters for Puerto Rico, contributors, Churches, Entities and Volunteers give us the tools we need to help others!
    God Bless!


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