IMG_8350Like any good soldier, those from Veteran Disaster Relief are no different. They met up with our team and all those in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico still in need of water filters. The VDR team was ready for action, water filter education, installation, and training was their mission. This enthusiastic group hit the ground running assisting those that lined up at the Ramey Makeshift Market last weekend.

26240761_526460541073618_6103837718110946962_oAfter finishing the event, they loaded up their vehicle with water filters, but before heading to remote areas of the island, including a special delivery for Yabuccoa, they made a pit stop at Home Depot to load up on buckets and other essentials for their missions ahead.



Jason Maddy and his team at Veteran Disaster Relief first stop Morovis, where residents must cross a river due to a bridge that collapsed from Hurricane Maria and then onto Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico. They will continue to assist in hard to reach areas, linking resources where they are needed the most including delivering water filters, so many of you have donated through our website. Together WE are BETTER, and you can count on our partnership with Veteran Disaster Relief going far beyond the island of Puerto Rico when disaster strikes. Thank you for entrusting both our organizations!



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