IMG_8344Upholding a commitment to serve God and their Country, the Ambassadors of Girl Scout Troop #387 of Mayaguez, set out to help others following the landfall of Hurricane Maria. Carmen Andrade is a student at Ramey School in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. She has been a Girl Scout for 9 years.

On Friday, December 29th with three other Ambassadors of her Troop #387, she visited the Children’s Foster Home, Jesus de Nazaret in Mayaguez. They explained to the children, staff, and other Girl Scouts, the importance of safe drinking water and explained how water filters are beneficial. They donated a double-bucket filtration system with filters from Water Filters for Puerto Rico. This generated interest and two additional double-bucket systems were given to members of the foster home community. A fourth was assembled and delivered to an elderly person in Mayaguez. Around the island, individual Girl Scout troops and the Girl Scout Council have been working on hurricane relief projects. We are grateful to see these young women for making a contribution to their community.

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