EdgardBethzaida Mejias (Beth Kelly) reached out to us in December; Edgard Domenech Igartua (Gardy), Mansfield University employee, contacted her in search of a reputable organization they could assist and who could provide housing for a faculty lead trip of students. Alida Pagan took point finding the students housing, training them, and acting as a translator during their visit.

Alida and Mansfield University students facilitated two Water Filter for Puerto Rico events in Aguadilla, the hometown of Gardy. The first event was at the Misioneras de la Caridad (of St. Mother Theresa of Calcutta)


The second event, Ramey Makeshift Market along with Brad and Amy McFarland, the on the ground team leaders for Water Filters for Puerto Rico. All hands were on deck, and the Mansfield University students quickly took on the role of drilling and building water filtration systems, and documenting their experience thus far in Puerto Rico. We are thankful to the Mansfield University for sending such a capable group of Mounties to assist us in providing a sustainable, safe, clean, drinking and cooking water solution for families in Puerto Rico.

If you would like to help us expand our reach, please make a donation at waterfiltersforpr.com/give or contact us at info@waterfiltersforpr.com


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