JasonIf you come as a follower of Jason Maddy, Aliesha Maddy, and Veteran Disaster Relief, WELCOME we are Water Filters for Puerto Rico. Our story started long before Hurricane Irma or Maria. It began when our family was hurrying to pack our bags and boxes to make the big move from Puerto Rico back to the US mainland. A container loaded up with our belonging and our vehicles sitting at the port of San Juan we jetted off to Florida. iram pr News hit that Hurricane Irma was on its way and ready to hit our hometown, so we packed the car and drove to northern Georgia, like many others seeking refuge. The news came on that Irma hit Puerto Rico and we worried about our friends still on the island. Next thing we knew it hit Florida, the eye drifting over our home at nearly a CAT 5.

Our friends, whom we were staying with, heard about the Atlanta CaresIMG_8246 event with Feeding Children Everywhere. Working on a line preparing packages of meals Jason Maddy was assigned to our table.  Though he kept to himself, we exchanged stories and found out he was in Florida near where we lived doing rescue work during and after Hurricane Irma. Soon after, Maria hit Puerto Rico. We logged on to a Facebook account that we hadn’t used in years to find out as much information as possible. Jason Maddy started popping up, by that time we were already sending water filters to the island. Our team tried to track him down (see that blog post here), unfortunately for us he broke his phone and lost our phone number.

Our team did manage to get water filters to IMG_2025 “The Anasco Expendables,” where we first contacted Jason. (See blog posts here) Our team arrived in Anasco in the morning. Unfortunately that day he moved on to start a new mission. A few days later our team was off to Utuado to meet him with a caravan of supplies and water filters. With communication systems down, this was a needle-in-a-hay-stack proposition once they arrived in the remote community; once again their paths did not cross. Since then our network of people partnering and helping our outreach has dramatically increased.

Veteran Disaster ReliefNow we are pleased to announce a formal partnership with Jason Maddy and his teams at #VeteranDiasterRelief in providing family-size water filtration systems to those they serve, not just in Puerto Rico, but wherever tragedy strikes next.

If you would like to learn more about what we do feel free to contact us and watch this video.


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