The end of one year is thought to mark the beginning of something new. Our chance to change our perspective, to live anew. The beginning of the year full of resolutions and plans to find fulfillment. People all too easily forget that we should start every day as if it was a blank slate full of possibilities. Puerto Rico was changed and will never be the same the day Hurricane Maria hit. Their reality became survival mode, and the already tattered infrastructure couldn’t withstand the weight. A piece of paradise forever changed, this was their new life. People look at the New Years and celebrate the close of one year; the bad luck becomes your history only on occasion to remember. Some people don’t have that luxury, Hurricanes Irma and Maria have placed an effect on the people that generations will continually suffer.

After the storm, we were told, “you left just in time.” “Aren’t you glad you are here in the US instead of there?”
Yes and no. No, our hearts are in Puerto Rico, we would be there if we could. But, we quickly came to realize our return stateside was for a reason more significant than we knew at the time. If we were there, we could not have facilitated Water Filters for Puerto Rico, as quickly and efficiently as we did. In part thanks to electricity and internet service, still a luxury by Puerto Rico standards well over 100 days later. As you mark a New Year, a new day, and a new phase of life, please enjoy a glimpse of the resiliency of the Puerto Rican people and Local Heroes. This is their new life.



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