12141536_10207581049833884_1836935745580009947_n.jpg“Awesome! It was a rewarding day with my students,” said Leslie Linowski, a math teacher, at what the military kids call Ramey. The Department of Defense School located in Aguadilla in Puerto Rico. “We are a K-12 school. Many of our students and teachers don’t have power, water or have lost their homes, but they volunteer to help others.”

23517897_1237705862997277_1864676758570642651_nTwenty-seven of Leslie’s students helped with the Toy Drive on December 10th and passed out over 6000 toys in their Aguadilla community with Operation Puerto Rico Gift-Lift.”

img_8115.jpgOur own Amy Franklin-McFarland, share the work of Water Filters for Puerto Rico raising awareness of water filtration to the crowd of thousands. Operation Puerto Rico Gift-Lift Video

That was just the beginning for this teacher and her students. This video shows their treck on Sunday, December 17th to Las Maries, a remote mountain community on the island. This is just a short snippet of the drive to reach the homes and yet an illustration of why these people are not getting the help they need.


“What a day for Water Filters for PR. This was not our normal way of giving water filters out,” said Leslie after joining our team several times at Ramey Makeshift Market. After getting filters from Brad and Amy Mcfarland, she set out with a group of Ramey High School Students and volunteers who delivered food, water, filters systems and Christmas toys to these remote mountain homes where there has been no communication since Maria’s arrival in September.



25497081_10213607506329221_407723841_nSince the people in this region had no communication and didn’t know Water Filters for Puerto Rico was coming, Leslie purchased 25 buckets and made the water filers in advance.

This was their caravan and the people lining up along the streets when they heard them coming.





Once they arrived, they had to stop in the middle of the road at each house to make the deliveries. The faces of the people said it all.



25564645_10213607460328071_507620289_nThanks to Leslie’s leadership, and all the volunteers without them none of this would have been possible. “I’m blessed to be a Ramey Teacher! I have the best students in the world in and out of the classroom!” said, Leslie at the end of a successful day with her students providing much need relief to the families in Las Marias.




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