img_7901.jpgAlida returned to her home in Puerto Rico on November 10, 2017, when she shares these observations.  “How ‘ugly’ it was, but as I looked around my house and took a better look this afternoon…I witnessed beauty as well, e.g., new branches and leaves sprouting on the stumps of fallen trees…or trees that were stripped of all their leaves that looked naked had brand new leaves, a lovely shade of green, to me that promise re-birth. I look forward to being part of its renewal…in spirit and in growth. I also visited some neighbors and distributed some food that I had sent home from both New York and Ohio. I needed to feel that I was doing something to help. Some of these people had fallen on very hard times before Maria and their struggles made worst Maria compounded their misery, they are the ones I visited today. I asked them if they were using the free water filter and a few broke down and cried and hugged me. They said it was the best water they ever drank, sweet like spring water and delicious. I couldn’t film them because it was too emotional, both for them and me.

Today she offers us an Day 90 Post-Huricane Maria update; longer if you count the days prior when Hurricane Irma hit the island in early September! Yes, Irma gets overshadowed by Maria, but Irma did manage to cause much damage.

We have power here in the neighborhood of Ceiba Baja, Aguadilla! A whole 18 hours of uninterrupted power source! Praise God!

IMG_8052We now have water. I still use my water filter to run municipal water graciously donated by the wonderful people that donated funds to, and the icing on the cake is ELECTRICITY!

Electricity, which for the majority of the people who were lucky enough to have a generator was and still is, in many cases their only source of power AND a financial burden to boot!!

Power is vital to many not so much for the ‘💡’ to illuminate the very dark nights and/or to watch television; no those are ‘luxuries,’ it is a necessity. The need for power to run the refrigerators that help keep what food is stored but most importantly, to keep medications and life-sustaining and saving devices running…to SAFE lives.

On a more somber note, there are still many remote areas without potable water, power, meds, food, etc.; these people seemed to be ‘forgotten’ or still ‘buried’ away in the mountains.

The only reason we know this is because ordinary civilians are now venturing out to these areas bringing shovels to clear a path to reach them and bring them much-needed supplies. Some of these volunteers are from our communities/neighborhoods who have banded together to seek these areas and bring food, clothing, water, medical assistance and yes, even toys for the little ones; along with the essentials, we need to bring hope to all children, not just adults.

The need is still great. It seems they won’t be gifted with of these essentials anytime soon. It is said that the island will not be back to functioning 100 % until early March 2018. Can you imagine that?!😢

‘HOPE is an ANCHOR ⚓️ for the Soul.’ 🌈

Please keep them all in your prayers 🙏🏻 and please donate to ‘’

Wishing you a Happy and Blessed Christmas! –Alida

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