December 10, 2017, marks nine weeks since Chris Martin arrived with the first 100 water filters in Puerto Rico. We are committed to doing more. Sunday scores another successful weekend, impacting two communities on the island, Aguadilla in the West and Dorado in the North.

Thank you to Pastor Orland Rivera for distributing water filters during “Friend’s Day” at North Point Baptist Church in Dorado.

This would not have been possible without Benny Cruz, our water educator and filter installer.  If you missed this event, please bring your bucket and see Benny next Sunday, December 17th, church service is at 10:45, water filter distribution will follow.

img_8043-2I want to take a moment and introduce you to Paulo Riviere, a Ramey High School student, in the far left of this photo. Not only was he there Sunday helping his Church community, but he has been there since day one, helping Water Filters for Puerto Rico, working side-by-side with Brad and Amy every step of the way.  Always ready to help, even yesterday, his birthday.  Happy Birthday, Paulo, you are quite a young man!  Also pictured with Brad and Amy is Paulo’s mother, and the Priest of Iglesia La Milagros. Thank you for preparing your congregation and opening your doors to us! Even at the early morning hour, our team was busy building filters.

However, This was not the last stop for our Aguadilla based team, this particular Sunday. Please stay tuned for Amy’s forthcoming update on how this BIG day ended. You won’t want to miss it!  Until then, more photos from the morning…



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