We all have experienced running to the ATM or ATH as it’s referred to in Puerto Rico. There we are graced with $20 bills when accessing our hard earned cash. As I reflect on the progress of Water Filters for Puerto Rico over the past two months, I am still reminded of how far we still need to go…  As of today 12/8/17, Status.pr states:

68.40% Power Generation, though NOT 68.40% delivery to customers. Personal generators are still the saving grace for those that are blessed to have them, and for those fortunate enough to be able to fuel them daily.

$20 – Fuels a generator for 12 hours – that’s $600 a month for part-time electricity.

92.84% Water Generation, yet this map from their website show only a fraction of the island has water. The areas with water are reporting low pressure and with service one or two days a week. Granted an improvement from none, but yet a far cry from 92.84%.Capture

Bottled water in the Metro Area has returned to regular prices averaging 3 to 4 dollars a case, while the areas of most critical need are in short supply and still are affected by price gouging in the high teens to $21 a case.

Join me for a minute and imagine. You have been living without power and water for somewhere between 60 and 94 days. How much water would your family consume? How much would it cost buying cases of 16oz water bottles in your town? Where would those bottles go when you empty them?

Many families have been without work for as long as three months. Regardless of any families saving account balance before the two hurricanes making landfall, very few could have prepared for the massive devastation, limited yet costly basic necessities and resources, coupled by the duration of time that would pass before life and work would return to normal.

For less than $20 we can supply an entire household with a water filter, allowing them to provide their family with a sustainable, safe, drinking and cooking water solution that can be used over and over again. Water is not only a health and environmental issue, but also a financial issue for these families.

What does $20 mean to you and your family? Lunch out? A trip to the movies? Date night babysitter? A few trips to Starbucks? For us, it means clean, safe drinking water for a family much like ours, just an ocean away.



We have set a goal to send 1000 water filter by January 1, 2018. If you would like to join our growing family of “families helping families” at Water Filters for Puerto Rico, please donate today on our website watersfiltersforpr.com


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