Ramey Makeshift Market, a little place off the side of highway 110 in Aguadilla, here you will find Brad and Amy and their growing team of volunteers. Positioned across from Lufthansa, who recently came to town a little over two years ago, this is where you will find a line forming sometimes an hour before our team’s scheduled arrival. If you would like to know more about the history, of the so-called Makeshift Market you can check it out Amy’s story here.

Ramey Makeshift Market, although not our original intention, has come to serve as our community connection, the place where people know they can gain access water filters. IMG_7937Brad and Amy McFarland, our faithful on-the-ground coordinators, have devoted all of their free time to assist those who sit across the Atlantic Ocean trying to keep the awareness alive that Puerto Rico still needs our help. We are committed to serving and keeping you updated on our progress.

Water Filters for Puerto Rico is a community partnership, “you bring the bucket, and we install the free water filter.” Along with Amy’s mantra, “drip by drip, bucket by bucket.” Together, through the support of First Presbyterian Church of Bonita Springs, concerned citizens across the US and abroad, we are making a difference. Brad and Amy have personally given out over 1,000 filters to date. Church leaders in the community and neighboring towns are seeking the McFarland out on Market day requesting a water filter distribution event for their congregation. Thank you for joining us, supporting us, and helping us accomplish this small milestone. We are looking forward to what is in store for us when the next 1000 water filters are shipped.

Alida and Laura educating new water filter owners.






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