Just one of the many questions I was asked today, as I politely responded to issues regarding water, power, medical care, and living conditions in Puerto Rico. It has been 71 days post-Hurricane Maria and early this morning I receive a message that came as a shock.

“Are any of your teams in this area?”
“60% of the population is still without water.”

How could this be? We have a group of people on the island handing out water filters left and right. We can’t reach everyone and unfortunately, Comerio was not even on our radar. Through an online network of great people, I am pleased to announce help is on its way to Comerio. Not by us, but by another group of concerned citizens doing their part to meet the needs of the people who need us the most.

Please continue to share the stories of groups like us, who just started with the idea in mind to help, and are now on a mission to bring awareness to the fact that areas of Puerto Rico are still in crisis and without running water.


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