We offically have a Teespring Store! This has been on our to do list for a long time now. For all your family and friends, who you haven’t checked off your holiday shopping list yet these make great gifts. ALL PROCEEDS going toward sending more water filters to Puerto Rico.

Drip by Drip

A classic high-quality t-shirt. No logos or names just Amy’s favorite water filter motto! Comes in blue (as pictured), yellow, grey, black, and white. Buy it here.

Clean Water

Another high-quality tee without logos. Supporting supplying clean water. Comes in charcoal grey (as pictured), black, light grey, maroon, and light blue. Buy it here. Heart Drops

High-quality tee, a heart with raindrops. WF4PR is written in the heart. Comes in maroon (as pictures), light green, royal blue, light grey, and light blue. Buy it here.

Water Love

High-quality tee coined Water Love. Has the logo WF4PR comes in black (as pictured), white, royal blue, heathered grey, and purple. Buy it here.

T-shirt and mug generalizing our work in Puerto Rico. The shirt comes in white (as pictured), green, light blue, and yellow. The mug comes in white (as pictured) and black. Buy the shirt here and the mug here.


The world’s cutest shirt in honor of our water hero boys. Comes in blue (as pictured), grey, pink, yellow, and black. Buy it here.

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