Here we go, it’s time to hit the road! On November 19, 2017,  Amy and Brad pack up with our team of volunteers and set out for North Point Baptist Church in Dorado.

Follow the Sunday church service, they began to explain our mission to provide a sustainable, safe, clean, drinking water solution for families in Puerto Rico.


Following the workshop, Brad trained Benny Cruz on how to install the filters. He will be in charge of water filter installation, education, and distribution for future events held at North Point Baptist Church.

Thank you, Pastor Orlando Rivera, for allowing us to meet with your congregation and community.

For those of you that missed this event. North Point Baptist Church will be holding another one on December 10, 2017. Pastor Rivera, invites you to join him for Sunday service at 10:30 followed by an FREE catered hot lunch. Please RSVP for the luncheon at (787) 529-6630 by December 1st. If you can’t make it to the church service, water filter distribution will be from 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm.

Bring your Bucket!

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