A teenager’s prospective on Puerto Rico and giving thanks.

In our family, we have a tradition every Thanksgiving. Instead of being glued to our devices trying to buy the best deal of the season, we sit down and write what we are thankful for on a tablecloth. Covered with notes from family and friends it serves as a helpful reminder every year to be thankful for the little things. If we were on Island today, attempting to scrounge up food to celebrate, I can only wonder what I would write down. To be alive, perhaps, or that we remain healthy despite conditions. I amIMG_1881.JPG so grateful to the people from 37 different countries who care about what we are doing; the thousands of dollars in donations people willingly give; the 2,100 water filters that are and have been handed out to people in Puerto Rico; and for the emails we receive daily from individuals, churches, and organizations wanting us to send more water filters.

We only have a small glimpse into the conditions and lives of the people in Puerto Rico. There is a video at the end of this post that we would like you to watch and share. This is their day, their lives, their Thanksgiving, and will be their Christmas.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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