Everyone who has been to Puerto Rico is left with an everlasting connection. A story of a land with people with the most enormous hearts, commitment to family, and love for their culture and traditions.

In less than, one year on the island our son identified himself as Puerto Rican, regardless of him not having any heritage of the kind. When I first saw this video, I was reminded of a time three years ago. We just moved from the North of the island to the West. Our then, seven-year-old, was in the shower where all good singing takes places. When we hear the ringing throughout the house and outdoors, “I am the King of Puerto Rico!” Of course, with the perfect accent as well. His older sisters were quick to capture an audio recording, they would store to use later in his lifetime. His heart and ours have been forever changed by the people we met and experiences we had. We too, are Puerto Rico!

Our personal journey to Puerto Rico and back to the mainland US has led to the birth of Water Filters for Puerto Rico. We are committed to helping our fellow Puerto Ricans. With your support and contributions, we can continue to make a difference!

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