What were you doing when you were nine years old?


I would like for you to meet Henry Diver, a 9-year-old 4th grader, from Park Street School in Boston, Massachusetts. In this photo, he is giving a presentation to his entire school, a student body of 215 Kindergarten through Sixth graders, on the need for water in Puerto Rico following the arrival of Hurricane Maria.


His talk commanded the audience and later triggered a flurry of baking. Henry’s organizational skills proved well beyond his years and resulted in two bake sales raising $1,281.87 for Water Filters for Puerto Rico.

We are grateful to see the next generation having a heart for service. We would like to thank the administration, staff, parents, and students at Park Street School for supporting Henry desire to send water filters to Puerto Rico. Also, we applaud, Mr. and Mrs. Diver who saw an opportunity to teach their sons the importance of helping others, although from an island far from their home, and encouraging them to take action. His younger brother, Miles Diver, age 6, was a huge supporter and consumer of baked goods!

If you would like to join Henry, Miles and their fellow students in sending water filters to Puerto Rico please visit Water Filters for PR to make an online donation.







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