IMG_7564The Bible tells us to train our children up, the way in which we want them to go, or more specifically, “…bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord.” (Ephesians 6:4) Now, some may have another source of parental or life inspiration or instruction. In our home, it is His book. Therefore it is the reference that came to mind as I received a rapid-fire set of text messages and photos the other day. You see, our neighbor in Puerto Rico (now former, since we just moved back to the states), arrived in New York for vacation following Hurricane Irma’s exit from the island. Alida got caught stateside, where she has remained to wonder, waiting it hear if her home and family survived the rath of Hurricane Maria. While we too were waiting to hear how our neighbors faired.

Although she was stateside, it took me awhile to make contact with Alida. When we did, we each shared what we knew; we hoped and prayed for Puerto Rico, cried and awaited direct communication from her sister. What could we do? Time passed, and we spoke again, everyone was okay. There was some damage, but the neighborhood was pulling together to help each other out. Great News!

I shared with her that we were sending the water filter to the island. So excited, she to share the news with her sister, Flor, yet not knowing when Amy and Brad would be making their way to that area. They waited, and waited. They stay home for almost two weeks in fear of missing their arrival. At that point, there was no water to be had anywhere (available for purchase), and other towns were also without water. Alida went on to tell me, “Life without water is difficult bordering on the impossible, but my sister said, “they are not going to let these things defeat them.” Would you believe they hope for rain for their source of water, it has not rained for the past few days.”

The Water Filter Team Arrived! Flor and her husband, Charlie, embraced the training provided and took on the task of educating others on the installation and filtration process, and its importance. These private, meek, humble neighbors are now active crusaders in their community helping us provide safe, clean drinking water to the island we once called home. We thank you, Charlie and Flor, for joining our team. The blessings of the Lord will follow.


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