Today, 10/23/17 was a relaxed day. After we dropped off the boys at Micael School, we went to our dear friend and colleague’s home, Aileen Rivera. She has helped us to help the Martinica community immensely! She has been a great representative and has helped us to reach multitudes of people in this greatly affected area. Martinica has not had a drop of water since Hurricane Maria.

When we arrived at her home, we thought we would go around the barrio (neighborhood) to make bucket filters. Martinica was the first neighborhood we helped, and ever since then, people have been requesting filters. We were excited to go back and continue our work. Yet, to our great surprise, we didn’t have to drive anywhere because all the buckets came to the house! People dropped them off at Mrs. Rivera’s home. Her home became our workshop. Que chevre! (How cool!) We drilled almost 40 buckets that morning.


After we picked up the boys from school, we drove over to Barrio Ceiba Baja in Aguadilla. This neighborhood also hasn’t had a drop of water since the storm. My husband taught Charlie, a wonderful handyman, how to make the bucket filters. I reviewed our informational flyer with his wife, Dona Flor.

It felt good to pass on our knowledge to others in the community. They had a long list of people to visit. Now, they are equipped to educate others. Now, they are ready to DRILL some buckets!


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