The heart of Water Filters for PR was to provide a sustainable solution to safe, clean drinking water, to the island we once called home. With your generous donations and our partnership with First Presbyterian Church of Bonita Springs, we have been able to use 100% of all contributions to deliver water filters to the island. Our project is a labor of love, and through the grace of God, it has expanded beyond the efforts of the Martin’s, McFarlands, and my husband and myself. We can’t thank you enough for walking alongside us on this journey, sharing our story, supporting the need for a water solution in Puerto Rico.


We are reaching the mountain areas, which has taken a team of veterans to navigate, we are so grateful for their help. We are delivering to homes that are surrounded by neighboring communities with water service but still not to their home. We are setting up at churches with a “Bring your Bucket,” events. The response to the water filters is impressive, with families stateside contacting family in Puerto Rico to share our next distribution location. The need is great, and the world is listening, in just two weeks since this website went live, our message has reached 28 countries. With your continued help, we know the financial resources will be provided to continue this labor of love.

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