Sunday 10/22/17  San Antonio, AguadillaIMG_1932

Now we’re organized!! About a week and a ½ ago, we proposed to our friend, Miriam Chin, that we would like to make our bucket filters at a place where many people congregate- like at a church. She is very active in her church (Evangelico de Amor in San Antonio, Aguadilla), and she suggested that we come to her church one Sunday afternoon. She spoke with her pastor, and he promised to pass the word on to his congregation that everyone should bring a bucket to church the following Sunday.

Thank goodness we brought extra hands to help! It turned out to be a big event! We drilled at least 40 buckets and made some good contacts with other communities in need of filters. Some congregants forgot their buckets, so they zoomed home and returned just in time to get a filter.

I loved seeing everyone dressed in their Sunday best holding a bucket like it could have been an Easter basket. It was a lot of fun, and the congregation was so thankful. We heard many people say, “Que Dios te bendiga” (May God bless you). I have to say, the donations of water filters from Water Filters for PR have truly been the biggest blessing of all. Thank you for your donations. Please share our story, so we can continue to provide water filters for everyone in Puerto Rico.


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