IMG_1892 (1)This was a fun day! Early in the morning, our dear friend, artist Harry Santana, dropped by with a cup of coffee to throw out a crazy idea. His eccentricity is pretty electrifying, so we love to get tangled up in his creativity. He suggested that we go to the Ramey Makeshift Market- as we have named it. For anyone who reads this and knows of Lufthansa Technik and Levain Bakery, then you definitely know the area that I am referring to. It’s the area where Cofo’s pizza truck always stood and a lonely fruit seller. Several weeks after the hurricane, other savvy entrepreneurs decided to stake this ground. The first time we saw an ice cream truck at the Makeshift Market, it was a thrilling moment! Something sweet – something cold! Everyone (even the soldiers) were lining up to get a scoop and a cone. Lately, there have been vendors selling solar panels, sunglasses, Internet and cell service, piraguas (snow cones), batidas(milkshakes), and I think an insurance agency. It’s an eclectic mix!

Harry’s hairbrained idea was to set up shop in the Makeshift Market alongside the other vendors. He would sell his artisan wares, and we would promote our water filters. In a couple hours, we got everything together and set up camp at the Ramey Makeshift Market. Harry made us look good with his kaleidoscope of colorful ceramics thoughtfully displayed over Caribbean colored tablecloths and a Puerto Rican flag as a backdrop that perfectly billowed in the trade winds. We had a lot of interest in our bucket filters, but not everyone had a bucket with them at that moment. We promised to come back the following Saturday, and people promised to return – with friends.

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