October 19, 2017

Brad and AmyTouchdown!!! GOOOOOOOAAAAALLL!!!! Our shipment arrived! My husband and I awaited this delivery like it was a newborn baby. We never expected the baby to weigh in at a whopping 330lbs! But 300 water filters do pack some weight. As soon as we received the shipment, we hit the ground running. Our landlord helped us move the shipment to our house; he suggested that we go to the town where he grew up. He wanted us to see how people were collecting water. He felt that our filters would be a welcomed blessing for the people of Palmar, Moca. Off we went, following our landlord who was driving a pickup weighed down by a full 300-gallon cistern- with water sloshing everywhere and tires barely able to catch a breath. He was determined to deliver water for an elderly woman in Palmar.

The people of Palmar, Moca have not had running water for over a month. They are collecting water from a local source called a quebrada, or creek. The creek has been a trusted source of water for generations. Some people drink from it while others use the water for only non-potable purposes. I was invited into the bosque, or forest, to see how the water was being channeled into a public output. I have included photos for a better visual of the setup.


moca 15Moca 4

My landlord did a great job of introducing us! His face jubilant as he explained our mission. The collection site was a social gathering place for todos las familias. There were abuelos (grandparents) swapping chisme (gossip) as their nietos (grandkids) poured buckets of cold, refreshing water on each other’s heads. Lots of people took interest in our filters. We drilled 9 buckets on the spot, and they invited us to come back the next morning. We’re off to a great start!!

moca 9Moca 2moca 7moca 12

Sadly, we have to say goodbye to Chris Martin; Ground Commander, Chief of Operations, and all-around awesome guy. His effort, dedication, and charitable heart is to be truly admired. Thanks Chris for handing over this project to us! We will make you proud.



4 thoughts

  1. You are all amazing. Love everything that you are doing for Puerto RIco. Keep us posted and let us know if there is anything that you’ll need. Best wishes ❤️👏🏽


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