If you had told me when we helped Mary and Chris send 100 water filters to Puerto Rico that in a weeks time, we would be where we are today; I would have told you’re crazy! I could never have imagined I would gain the equivalent of a full-time job taking calls from potential sponsors, responding to emails, using social media applications that I previously stayed away from, and creating a website and blog that in under a week that has reached 17 different countries around the globe. The outpouring generosity that family, friends, and strangers, has shown is far beyond my efforts alone; more likely God at work!

“There is no other choice because there is nothing else.”

I heard these words from a family in Utuado, and it caused me to pause, what would I do? During our time in Puerto Rico, we lost water regularly. Coming from a hurricane-prone state, we were experienced preparers for the unexpected and armed with our resident water specialist; we had a system in place. While living in Puerto Rico, we also had the good fortune of having a swimming pool to bail water from to flush toilets and use as a place to cool off, as it frequently meant the power was out. Even now thinking of all our preparedness, the cases of water we stored in our garage, they too would have run out by now if we were still on the island. I remember how harsh of a hit people from Florida took after Hurricane Irma, living without water and power for a week or two. Due to many years of experience, our family was more equipped to handle that situation after living in both Florida and Puerto Rico for numerous years. It is only a small glimpse into how our fellow Americans have been living for the past month. I remain in utter shock as I tell people about what we are doing, how few know that Puerto Ricans are Americans. Not that that should matter, it should be enough that they are human beings. What they are going through is heartbreaking; while the rest of the world moves on with their lives. Just because the news coverage is mostly gone doesn’t mean that the need isn’t still great, if not more so. I ask you to pause for a brief moment and watch this family’s story, and then ask yourself what you would do?


Today, 300 water filters arrived in Aguadilla. Tomorrow, October 20th, our team will be joining the US Coast Guard in delivering supplies, including your donated water filters to the people of Utuado. We hope that no parent will have to resign to, “I have no better choice.” Thank you for joining us on this journey and helping us make a difference!

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