We are waiting for an email to come through from Amy. She has graciously written a blog post for us to share. In the meantime, we are excited to partner with various organizations and people, who have reached out to us. Another shipment of water filters is due to arrive on the island in the coming days, with your continued support and donations, we will be able to send more!
Today Amy, the head of the distribution team in Puerto Rico, met with Jason Maddy’s group. Discussing taking water filters into remote places our team isn’t skilled enough to reach due to safety concerns. If you have been following what is happening in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, you have probably heard a bit about Jason Maddy. He has been an integral part of the recovery not just in Puerto Rico, but after Harvey in Texas and Irma in Florida. He was on the ground in Florida during Hurricane Irma so that he could be there directly after to start rescue efforts in Fort Myers Beach and the Keys. We had the privilege of meeting him in Atlanta, at a Feeding Children Everywhere event, and stood side by side packing meals that were sent to Florida in Irma recovery efforts. He packed his trunk and drove down to Florida, distributing the meals we helped pack. Weeks later his Facebook post start popping up as we were following what was happening in Puerto Rico. Each on their own dime, Jason’s team of Veteran’s, are in Puerto Rico working while documenting their recovery efforts. We are so fortunate to know such diligent and caring individuals. The team will be delivering some of the incoming water filters to remote locations. This isn’t the only partnership that is in the works. Please continue to donate, check our website, Facebook, and Instagram for updates. Keep an eye out for a blog post from Amy.

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