We wanted to take the time to address an issue that some people are pointing out. “Why are the people dressed so well and don’t appear to be in a desperate situation, yet you are providing water filters?” First off, the need for water filters is vast across the whole island and is a basic need for everyone; regardless of age, stature, and current living conditions. Secondly, the culture in Puerto Rico is very different then what most might be used to. People choose to present themselves well regardless of any personal crisis, it wouldn’t be uncommon to see Puerto Ricans walking around in what we would consider formal attire, or “church clothes” on a daily basis. You will never see a Puerto Rican, in a non-tourist or surfing district of the island, or grocery store walking around in beachwear and flipflops. It is unheard of. It isn’t surprising that amidst a tragedy, where people lose control of their life, they grasp onto the one thing they can control, how they present themselves. Of course, this isn’t true for everyone, but it might be an underlying pattern in the pictures we post. It is going to be a long road before Puerto Rico recovers fully, if ever, but we are working hard to become an integral part of their recovery.  Thank you for your support! We have a few more pictures to share.


This is someone’s kitchen, the roof is gone. Unfortunately, I can’t speak for the rest of the house, but I can tell purely from this photo that the house is basically the US equivalent of a shack. It is a wooden structure no more than twice the size of a shed you may have in your backyard (approximately the size of a two car garage or smaller), and it is someone’s home. Every time it rains this family will be poured on through the only shelter they have.


This isn’t an uncommon sight to see, people’s homes destroyed and living without furniture to minimize mold growth.


It isn’t just homes that are destroyed. With flooding, powerlines, and washed away roads it makes it very difficult for remote villages to access the basic necessities of life. When we bring water filters to them, it helps provide an ongoing source of clean, safe drinking water.


So far, our team has prevailed!


Despite the rain, they have no way of filtering or boiling water, so it is safe to drink without your help. Puerto Ricans are trying to ask for help in any way possible.




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